If you are looking to keep your air conditioning system in tip top condition, you will need to make sure that your filter, among other things, remains clean. With clean filters your AC will run a lot more efficiently and will save you money as well on your energy bills. You will also reduce the number of times you have to call in a Sevierville plumbingSevierville plumbing company for repairs. Filters come in several options as follows:

  • HEPA Furnace Filters – These are considered the very best in the industry and are often used in commercial settings such as electronics manufacturing and hospitals because clean air is critical in these places.
  • Electronic air cleaners – This work by magnetizing pollutants in the air so that they eliminate mould spores and pollen from the atmosphere. 80% of viruses that are airborne and 90% of small particles can be eliminated using these.
  • Allergy filters – These are pleated and have a dense mesh that traps and removes all large allergens such as mould and pollen. They have a 35 to 50 percent efficiency level.
  • Washable filters – These are electrostatic and that static charge draws dirt, dust and other large particles. Smaller particles are not blocked.
  • Disposable filters – These are made from fiberglass and are only effective where large particles of dust are concerned. Mould, pollen and other small particles remain unaffected.

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